"I really can sing!"

Translation:Ik kan wel zingen!

August 19, 2014



How about "Ik kan werkelijk zingen?"

August 19, 2014


That should definitely be accepted.

August 19, 2014


Why is 'Ik echt kan zingen!' wrong?

March 18, 2016


Word order - 'Ik kan echt zingen'

May 19, 2018


Hi, I have a question:

In 'ik kan wel zingen'... Is zingen really a gerund?

I think it's actually an infinitive verb, because kunnen is a modal verb, and modal verbs are grammatical elements that require an infinitive, not a noun nor a noun phrase, nor anything that has nominal value.

Remember that gerunds are nominal in value, which is the reason why they can become the Subject or the Object of the sentence.

A way to use zingen as a gerund in a sentence that would encode a meaning similar to ik kan wel zingen, could be by saying something like zingen kan ik wel doen (although according to my native-speaker partner it's a bit strange, though grammatically correct).

July 29, 2018


Nee dat kan ik niet, ik kan veel beter rappen yeet

June 19, 2019
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