"Do I close the door?"

الترجمة:هل أغلقُ الباب؟

August 19, 2014

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ماذا عن "هل أقوم بإغلاق الباب" ؟


Farouk I am sure your version is correct. Please answer my question. I wrote this

هل انا اغلق الباب

Is it incorrect to write subject in questions?


No, it isn't incorrect.

BTW: it should be "هل أغلق أنا الباب"

But if you write the subject in questions you asking for confirmation, if were with a group of people and someone asked you to close the door you can asking him to confirm that he wants you to close the door by saying "هل أغلق أنا الباب"


Your answer is wrong because the one you wrote means that you are closing the door and asking someone else if you are closing it and his answer may be yes or no but "هل اغلق الباب" means that you are asking someone if he wants you to close the door or not


كتبت الاجابة صحيحة مثله تماما واعطاني خطأ لماذا؟؟


هل اغلق الباب هل اقفل الباب

[مستخدم حسابه معطّل]

    هل يمكن القول (هل علي ان اغلق الباب؟) اعتقد ان I قد تقابلها كلمة (علي) او (انا) عند التساؤال هل يمكن ام لا


    عم تقول do you i وليس do i


    كتبت : هل أغلق الباب ? (وقال صحيحة)


    هل هذي صيغة سؤال ولا طلب


    What is the right answer


    اجابتي صحيحة Do l close the door

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