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Learning Latin is awfully fun

I find it interesting learning Latin form English because most English words stem form Latin words.

September 5, 2020



I finished the Latin Tree a few days ago and for me, that I'm not a native English speaker, the experience was very interesting. I learned both English and Latin (the basics).


I just finished the latin tree today! And yes, it is extremely fun! :D


did you learn a lot? i meant can you speak latin normally ?


It is a bit debatable to say most English words are from Latin. This is only true if you include all the rarely used words such as scientific terms. If you look at everyday words in general use you will see a different picture. English is a Germanic language with many words derived from Old English. For example I live in a house with my husband. I have a son, daughter, mother, father, brother and sister. None of these words come from Latin.


True, however, Kaden9818 has a good point. I just discovered that Duolingo has a Latin course and I am thrilled. Previously, I had been doing Kraken Latin, and in each lesson it lists the English derivatives of each of the vocabulary words for that week, and probably 80-85% of all the Latin words I've learned so far have English derivatives, which is cool. I've also heard, altho I don't know this for sure, that English is heavily German-based.


yes, In reality, English comes from French wich the french comes from Latin. German is from another branch, but it gives a little bit of english like the french :)


i agree, it's awful and funny in same time

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