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  5. "Ik lees het menu."

"Ik lees het menu."

Translation:I read the menu.

August 19, 2014



How do you pronounce menu? I am having trouble understanding the recording.


The recording doesn't sound correct to me. Here is another example: http://www.forvo.com/word/menu/#nl

I think the stress should be on the second syllable and the "e" is pronounced as a schwa. For the "u" you need to shape your mouth as if you're going to whistle and then say "ee" as in "tree".


It took me forever to make a sound that sounded close to the Dutch "u". You nailed it, thank you.


Is lees and lezen the same word and interchangable


NiNo, they are not:

Ik lees Jij leest Hij/zij leest

Wij/jullie/zij (plural) lezen


  • 'Lezen' is also the infinitive and noun: 'Ik kan jouw handschrift niet lezen'. 'Lezen en schrijven zijn dingen die je leert op de basisschool'.

  • When the word order is inverted, the second person singular loses its t: 'Lees jij het nieuws op je smartphone?'


"menu" in the audio sounds like /'mɛnəm/ (!) Shouldn't it be /mə'ny/ ?


Why does the speaking voice sometimes change to a higher pitched male voice? Its unnerving and scared me a bit


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