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  5. "Ik lees het menu."

"Ik lees het menu."

Translation:I read the menu.

August 19, 2014



How do you pronounce menu? I am having trouble understanding the recording.


The recording doesn't sound correct to me. Here is another example: http://www.forvo.com/word/menu/#nl

I think the stress should be on the second syllable and the "e" is pronounced as a schwa. For the "u" you need to shape your mouth as if you're going to whistle and then say "ee" as in "tree".


It took me forever to make a sound that sounded close to the Dutch "u". You nailed it, thank you.


Is lees and lezen the same word and interchangable


NiNo, they are not:

Ik lees Jij leest Hij/zij leest

Wij/jullie/zij (plural) lezen


  • 'Lezen' is also the infinitive and noun: 'Ik kan jouw handschrift niet lezen'. 'Lezen en schrijven zijn dingen die je leert op de basisschool'.

  • When the word order is inverted, the second person singular loses its t: 'Lees jij het nieuws op je smartphone?'


No they are not. First is simple (I, you, she, he, it) second is plural (we, they, you)


"menu" in the audio sounds like /'mɛnəm/ (!) Shouldn't it be /mə'ny/ ?


Why does the speaking voice sometimes change to a higher pitched male voice? Its unnerving and scared me a bit


He speaks to fast or is it me who doesn't understand "menu"?


Conjugation tip from wikipedia: "If the stem ends in -v or -z, then these are spelled -f and -s at the end of a syllable." Also note that in past tense, the s and f of these words are pronounced as z and v (and, thus, take the -d- instead of -t-)

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