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"Niemand würde so eine Sache vergessen."

Translation:No one would forget such a thing.

August 19, 2014



Why is matter not allowed?


Hab's gemeldet (2015-05-09).


Did not seem to work though :( So reported again (2015-8-6)


Ich dachte, dass "solch" auf Englisch "such" heißt?


I was marked wrong for "No one would forget such a matter". Sache has been translated as "matter" by Duo previously. Why is it wrong?


I think there is nothing wrong with your translation. :-)


could you replace 'Sache' with 'Ding' here?


I'd say no, because Sache is used somehow also in the meaning of incident here. Using Ding would really just mean an object. (Hard to explain, sorry.)


Could this sentence mean "no one would forget to bring such a thing"? If so, presumably "ein Ding" could be put in the place of "eine Sache" to mean something different, but with the same English translation.

We often omit the "to bring", for example in "I've forgotten [to bring] my keys".


I translated this as, "no one would forget such a cause." I thought "ding" was "thing?" In an earlier lesson "eine sache" was translated as "a cause."


Is article 'a' really necessary before 'thing'? I thought that "No one would forget such thing" should pass.


You need it. But in plural you don't: "No one would forget such things".


In this sentence, can "so" be referred to the verb as well? I.e., could it also mean "no one would forget a thing in this way"?


"No one would forget a thing in this way." = "Niemand würde eine Sache so vergessen."


so the 'so' part belongs to 'eine Sache', and not directly to 'vergessen'? :o Okay, that was confusing at first.


Stimmt Niemand würde sowas vergessen. auch?


Ich denke, Niemand würde so etwas vergessen. ist eine gute Übersetzung von No one would forget such a thing.

Das sowas anstelle von so etwas wird umgangssprachlich oft verwendet, auch der Duden markiert diesen Ausdruck als umgangssprachlich: https://www.duden.de/rechtschreibung/so_was

In einem formellen Text würde ich daher den Begriff sowas vermeiden.


I am a bit confused. To my ear, this sounds more like "No one would forget a thing like that". Idk if I am able to explain myself clearly.

"Such a thing" sounds as if the thing itself is of so much significance that no one would forget it. But to me, the sentence was more about the way the thing was being forgotten. For instance, someone made a mistake, and is now doing wierd things to cover it up. And you could say "No one would forget a thing like that". As in no matter what you do, you can not make people forget about it or that people are not forgetting things that easily.

Am I overthinking about this or am I correct? How would you say the following sentences: "No one would forget such a thing" And "No one would forget a thing like that"

Thanks in advance =)


To make clear that you cannot make people forget the terrible thing that you have done, I would say: "Niemand wird diese Sache vergessen."

To express my astonishment that you have forgotten something that nobody else would forget, I would say: "Niemand würde so eine Sache vergessen."


That's interesting... Can we say that the position of "so" could change the meaning? (That is, if "so" can occur at a different position)

Would "Niemand würde eine Sache so vergessen" mean that nobody would forget it like that? Or is this sentence incorrect?

"Niemand wird diese Sache vergessen" would mean "no one will forget this (thing)", right? How would we say "no one will forget this like that"?

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