Does anyone (else than I) would feel the need to add some phonetics to be used in the Questions section ?

August 23, 2012


What do you mean?

I think Sitesurf means IPA symbols? If so, I definitely agree--that would be really helpful!

The easiest way to type phonetic/phonemic transcriptions in a forum is to use SAMPA - a representation of IPA using only standard ascii. However this presumes familiarity with the IPA which is a safe presumption in linguistic forums but perhaps not here.

I don't see any great use in these symbols. Don't you guys use dictionaries with appropriate transcriptions or audio files? I do (although it is a French - Russian dictionary, so I can't recommend it to you). There is, where you can find thousands of sounds and request the pronunciation of a word if you need it. However, I suppose after some time of learning one begins to guess the pronunciation of new words correctly...

Considering the number of questions related to pronunciation of French words throughout these pages, I was wondering whether it would be convenient to use a bit of phonetic signs in particular for sounds that do not have an equivalent in English (ex: lundi, ballon, moins, etc...).

Bro I think they should be added to all languages, specially English, Danish... Swedish, Norwegian... It would be of great help... in my case not to turn to an online dictionary and type the wrd to look up the phonetics

Honestly, considering the number of questions related to whatever, I wonder whether people can use Google and do some research on their own... Today I was going to ask about "langue" and "langage", then I decided to look this up myself and I arrived at writing an insight rather than a question. If only everyone did so or at least posted really reasonable questions... I'd also suggest to clear duplicating questions sometimes or linking them together.

Visited OskaLingo's suggested link :, which seems good enough to help Answerers get understood, thereby useful to Questioners. @Olimo: you're right, homework is necessary yet it takes time. We all know about irrelevant questions and repeated questions, yet a bit of patience with newcomers is also good training. Another suggestion: et si les réponses étaient données en Français ?

>>>et si les réponses étaient données en Français ?

C'est très bien ! J'ai un ami qui m'explique toujours en français, et je trouve cette pratique très utile. Si je ne comprends pas quelque chose, je peux utiliser un dictionnaire ou Google Translate. C'est toujours plus facile de lire que d'écrire en langue étrangère.

Je suis tout à fait d'accord. Si tu veux bien, à partir de maintenant, je te répondrai en Français. Bonne journée !

YES! It’s a huge pain to have to look up the phonetics for every single word I have to type in Duo. I hope someone sees this Forum and decides to add IPA.

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