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  5. "Die Tassen stehen im Wasser."

"Die Tassen stehen im Wasser."

Translation:The cups are standing in the water.

August 19, 2014



This is a very literal sentence... Is this possibly an idiom of some sort in German?

I feel like no one would ever say that English sentence unless they were literally looking at some cups positioned upright in a low amount of water (or unless the cups are dense enough to sink in water, but that is getting even more strange).

For the record, I thought the translation to English would be something like "The cups have water in them".


It's not an idiom, just a silly sentence.


Right, das ist kein guter Satz! Would be possible: Die Menschen stehen im Wasser! Inundation..


Is it possible that this is the way of saying that cups are floating (or not) in a sink full of water?


Hmmm - I'd say no, because then every normal person would say something like "Die Tassen sind schon in der Spüle/im Spülbecken." So as said before, I think it's just a silly sentence.


Yeah it probably is because it makes more sense to say "sitting" as opposed to "standing".


Cups are sitting in the water? I don't believe so. In German (my mother tongue) Tassen definitely don't sitzen, they stehen, and I'm pretty sure the same is true for English.


In American English, cups generally sit. It sounds weird to have them standing. Same for glasses and mugs. But it sounds less weird when used with a drink. For example, a cup of coffee stood on the table vs. a cup of coffee sat on the table. People use the latter more often, so the first still sounds a bit odd, but not nearly as odd as "a cup stood on the table".


Interesting, I didn't know that. Then maybe cups can sit in the water...


My apologies, I wasn't very clear at all. I'm not specifically referring to the cups in this example. I was referring to objects that are "sitting on the surface of water". Which is something we would say rather than "standing on the surface of water". I don't know where I was going with that comment, I was meant to reply to another comment. Either way, may main point was supposed to be that I agreeing that this was a silly sentence.


Ahh, I see. I agree :)


Cups could sit on a shelf or table but and a duck might sit in the water. But cups sitting in the water seems very odd.


I don't think it is unnatural to say something has been sitting in water. It usually conveys that has been there a while.

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