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"Eu gostaria que pensasse no seu caso."

May 20, 2013



Given that pensasse can be used for the first person, would this translation work?

I would like to think about your case (I would like that I think...)

Or would a Brazilian just use an infinitive?

Eu gostaria de pensar no seu caso


So, when you say "i'd like to..." use "gostaria de + infinitive" once it is futuro do pretérito, not subjuntive. Maybe you wont have the opportunity to make your wish come true. Then, we have "eu gostaria de pensar no/sobre seu caso"


Pensasse is also 3rd singular in subjuntive ( -que- ele/ela/você pensasse).... everytime you use "I/we would like you to..." you must use subjuntive, since it shows a desire, feeling,... "gostaríamos que você aceitasse nossa proposta..." -- this desire takes a future action: "quero que fale com ela" = "i want you to talk to her" (later...) you'll probably see QUE ("that") somewhere in the sentence.....

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