"Wat is de oorzaak van de fantastische internationale betrekkingen met Ierland?"

Translation:What is the cause of the fantastic international relations with Ireland?

August 19, 2014

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We're awesome, the Netherlands is awesome. 'Nuff said. :-)


Fun fact: the orange on the Irish flag is actually from the supporters of William III of England, who was also known as William of Orange. He was, of course, born in the Dutch Republic :)


Nice sentence you got here! Itch?


Both countries are tax havens for businesses : that could be the "oorzaak"...


What is the difference between 'oorzaak' and 'veroorzaak'?

  • de oorzaak = the cause
  • veroorzaken = to cause
  • de veroorzaker = the one that causes something


The Double Irish with a Dutch Sandwich tax avoidance scheme?


Gay marriage!


Did the Netherlands already legalise it six years ago? I remember that it was legalised in Ireland only comparably recently, in 2019 or 2018, but it was a close call due to the many believing Catholics. I neverh eard about it in reference to the Netherlands, though.


That's not quite true. There was a lack of will amongst the Irish political class to legislate for equality. However, there'd been plenty of support for quite a long time, leading to 62% voting Yes in the referendum, which is a substantial margin. Ireland was the first country to legalise it via a popular vote rather than via legislation, which is what the Netherlands did.

Ireland hasn't been all that religious for quite some time.


There was a lack of will amongst the Irish political class to take any heat for implementing this by legislation, since in any case it seemed fairly certain to pass by referendum. In Ireland recent govts tend not to act on divisive social issues by legislating first, mindful of the very divisive divorce and abortion campaigns of 1986 and 1992. Those sort of issues they put to a referendum. [see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_failed_amendments_to_the_Constitution_of_Ireland]

Ireland hasn't been that religious for a couple of decades. Those two campaigns accelerated parties, particularly Fianna Fail, splitting from religious-conservative voters.


de betrekking = the relation; de relatie = the relationship Heb ik gelijk?


De betrekking is usually used for a relationship between countries, de relatie is used for most other relationships (so this is the common one).


Haha :P I love this sentence.


Alex, where about in Ireland do you live? I'm just wondering if you are my brother Alex.


Wow, I don't know if Alex is your brother Alex, but I do know that if you don't know whether Alex is your brother Alex, then your brother Alex probably doesn't want you to know what he is doing all that much, considering that he hasn't told you about the Irish language course that he has single handedly developed in his spare time away from pokemon and whatnot or whatever the kids are doing these days.... I for one suggest you take a greater interest what your brothers are up to!


It makes it acceptable to wear orange on Koningsdag... at least, if there's a football match.


I'm not familiar with this since I'm neither Dutch nor Irish. Is this sarcasm?


It's a Duolingo reference. The Irish and the Dutch course were developed roughly at the same time, and there was a friendly competition on which course would be finished first.


I thought it referred to the Irish and American relations since there are many Irish who emigrated to the USA


"Fantastic" sounds very American to me.


Oorzaak can mean both "cause" and "reason", yes?


No, "oorzaak" is always 'cause'. Oorzaak - gevolg: cause - consequence.

'Reason' is "reden" in Dutch, not only as in 'goal', but also as in 'reasonable', "redelijk"

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