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"De oude vrouw heeft veertig katten."

Translation:The old woman has forty cats.

August 19, 2014



...en geen muizen.


Not that we're being stereotypical here at all ;-)


I wonder whether she's met the man with twenty-three dogs?


Remind anyone of that crazy cat lady from The Simpsons? :P


wonder if shes the yellow girl from earlier?.....


how many can she throw at you at a time?


I said "fourty" by mistake and it wouldn't accept my answer :(


Same... Can someone change it so it accepts British English?


Fourty isn't British English. It is spelled forty.


Oh, my mistake. Just noticed that "fourty" is now considered a misspelling, it is a form used before. Good to know, otherwise I would make this mistake constantly. Thanks!


now ? I can't find anything online that mentions a change. Oxford and Cambridge dictionaries mention forty as well.


Wiktionary has a quote from the 18th century:

1719—1762 (published 1908): George Waldo Browne (editor), Early Records of Londonderry, Windham, and Derry, N. H. [I]t is also voted and hereby to be understood that we have concluded to pay yearly or per annum one hundred and fourty pounds Salary […]


on the "I learn German" message board there's something about that topic telling about "irregular" phonetics or ways of writing

so forty is one of them just like dreißig is not -zig but -ßig

it's a phonetic (compatiblity) thing more or less.. or most of the time


I said 'fourty' and it was marked wrong. Even if 'fourty' is no longer correct, surely the intent is understaood and correct?


As far as I know fourty has never been correct (else please show me a decent reference to prove it ever was). Also you cannot expect us to add wrong answers/spelling because it may show that people understood the sentence.


Surely it is more important that the answer was understood than correctly spelled in a case like this. What else could be confused with 'Fourty'?


Sure, and what can be confused with olt, kats etc.. So we should probably add options like:

  • The olt woman hes fourty kats

Yes, I can see what you are trying to say and that you understand the sentence. However, it's a language learning platform so it can be expected that you are able to spell correctly from the language you are learning.

Also there are people that use reverse courses to learn/improve their English. We kind of want them to learn the correct spelling etc..


Wiktionary says it's obsolete so definitely not worth adding:



Reminded of the Russian woman

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