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So I lost my 58 day streak, due to faulty Duolingo app

Went from DK to SWE on vacation for a week, first evening i did the lesson, and the owl said "ok, your on track" .. day number 2, i did the same..with same message. The morning after i login in on the DL website, and my streak is gone..I check the gained xp history for the days before, and 0 XP earned those 2 days.

I had dataconnection on my phone, full signal, ect ect, and unlimited data usage in EU ...

Anyone else tried this?

August 19, 2014



Sorry to hear that. A similar glitch happened to me once - I think my streak would be in the high 300's now. You'll just have to grin and bear it. Make sure you buy a streak freeze: you have to do it through the website online. Understand too that as soon as you miss a day, the streak freeze will kick in, but only for that one day. You'll need to buy another one before you miss another day.


I think you were in offline modus. The app has a few lessons cached and when online it will send it to duolingo. I think the way to notice this is that a lot of the lessons are faded then (you can not open them). (on Android it works like that for me)


I lost a streak when I did a lesson offline - I think I was walking on a greenway - and didn't realize the lessons I did never uploaded.

It's frustrating, but on the other hand, what did we really lose? A few lingots?

So far, I've had no luck at all getting merchants to accept lingots instead of cash.


i have lost my history on my iphone - 230 day streak but on my computer it is still there. now the app on the phone asks me for a new profile and says my email is already in use. how do i rectify this?

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