"A bheil Raonaid ann am baile?"

Translation:Is Rachel in a town?

September 7, 2020

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Why have the slow play back option, if it isn't going play back any slower? There is no difference in the speed between the two options.


I noticed that also. Maybe it only works on certain computers?


i just love this womans voice. my favourite contirbutor


I appreciate wanting to learn traditional Gaelic names, but simply not translating them shouldn't warrant being marked wrong. If I actually met a Raonaid, I would refer to them by their name in any language I spoke. I don't automatically change Juan to John if I'm speaking English, for example.


Except in Gaelic, names are translated. That's why we teach you both. A woman called Rachel in English would very likely be called Raonaid in Gaelic. As in - folk will often go by both versions of their name, depending on the language they are speaking.


Tapadh leibh airson an fhreagairt. I understand your point - in fact I go by Dàibhidh when using Gaelic -- and also like learning the Gaelic equivalents to names. What if an "incorrect name" were marked as a typo instead of an error so that we aren't penalized (don't lose a heart on the app)?


What if an "incorrect name" were marked as a typo instead of an error so that we aren't penalized (don't lose a heart on the app)?

Unfortunately, we have no control over what is or isn't marked as a typo :(

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When would someone ever ask "Is Rachel in A town?" there's an accepted solution "Is Rachel in town?" which prompts the user that the A is missing. But apart from "Is Rachel in the middle of nowhere camping, or is she in a town somewhere?" I can think of no circumstances where the former is a better English translation than the latter.


The ann am sounds like shone-ah. That confused me.


That was said so fast, that even listening 11 times, I could make it out.


The same for me too! I played that again and again but finally gave up. It's not only the normal speed of speaking, there are also a few extra sounds and altogether really not good. I understand better even that old person that speaks blurred in most of the recordings.


Am baile :a town?

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