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Comic Book in Latin

I found this interesting; others may also. It's a comic book adaptation of H. Rider Haggard's fantasy novel "She," but the text has been reworked into Latin. I'm still not quite finished with the Latin tree here, so I can't judge the quality of the translation. It's on the Internet Archive and can be viewed on the site or downloaded. I'll try to put the link here. https://archive.org/details/shel2/mode/2up

September 8, 2020



This is really great, thanks!

If you would like to see H. Rider Haggard's Latin translation of the mysterious Greek document that starts off the book's adventures, which he, modestly or facetiously, calls "an excellent example of medieval learning and latinity," it can be found on p. 38 of the novel, with a "black letter" version starting on p. 36. (Medieval diction and spelling—j's and v's, e for ae, as in quedam and hec for quaedam and haec, etc.)

25 translations by "Rubricastellanus" of the French "Asterix the Gaul" books have been made. There's a translation of the Jacques Martin « Le fils de Spartacus » (The Son of Spartacus), as « Spartaci Filius ». And there are comic book versions in Latin of Caesar's Gallic Wars and maybe a few other books.

[Added] There is also a comic book version of BEN HUR by She's translator, "bedwere," available from the Internet Archive, and the books are available from LULU. As well, a few other books with versions in Latin. It appears these are also available in ancient Greek, for instance.

[Added +] and a few copies of Asterix, e.g., Gallus, with four others on the site.

So, again, thanks!


Wonderful resource! Thanks for sharing :)


This looks great. Harry Potter is also available in Latin.


The audio is very good


Thank you for this!

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