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Someone reacted

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I received a question by mail as a reaction to a discussion i started. When I click on the link in that mail i am directed to Duo-lingo and from there i can go to ""discussions" but there i see all Duo-lingo's discussions. Finding my discussion here is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Do i miss something.? Ouch!!, I just realize that i won't be able to refind this reaction as well. Sorry anyone who reacted earlier and may react on this discussion, unless i find a way out i cannot react on you. P.S. Another useless question: is this a so-called "catch 22"?

May 20, 2013



I am pretty sure you can access your "steam" tab and scroll down looking for the discussion. Or maybe do a search under discussion for either your user ID or put your user id in the search box. You should receive an email where I have written this and then you click on discussion.


Hi! Was the discussion regarding a grammar point?


There is a good chance the comment WimXL refers to is the: http://duolingo.com/#/comment/413029

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Oeps, did not know of or forgot the stream tab, thanks

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