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  5. "Tha an taigh snog."

"Tha an taigh snog."

Translation:The house is nice.

September 8, 2020



I am hearing several pronunciations for the word "house" in this course so far. Sometimes it sounds like Tai, sometimes Tush, and another that could not figure out. I am using a supplemental website "Learn Gaelic" , and it consistently pronounces it like "Tai". Are all these pronunciations correct? I have reported the ones that do not sound like "Tai" (but perhaps they are also correct. Help anyone?


You would need to point at a sentence where it is pronounced differently… The typical pronunciation is /tɤj/ – and that’s what I hear for all the sentences that are available at the taigh vocab entry (you can hear some Duolingo recordings there).


This helps, I have better understanding now on the pronunciation. I will report any that sound differently from your link. Tapadh leat

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