"Where are you, Eva?"

Translation:Càit a bheil thu, Eubha?

September 8, 2020

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Okay, we recently has Cait a bheil thu, A Bheathag. Why does Beth need an A, when Eva does not?


Because Beathag (and also lenited Bheathag) starts with a consonant so it keeps the a before it, while Eubha starts with a vowel and the starting vowel of Eubha mercilessly devours the vocative a that would otherwise stand there.


Thank you! I was so confused


Why càite and not càit


Is 'Co as a tha thu' only for where are you from?


Yes, cò às a means where from? (lit. what from is (it) that…?) and it is followed by the independent form of a verb: tha… for is… (cò às a tha…? lit. means where from is it that something is…?), càite a (or càit a, both spellings are common) means where is it that…? and is followed by a dependent form of a verb (a bheil… for that is…).


I think it makes sense, Tapadh leat a charaid

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