"The Unsullied sees the man's horse."

Translation:Dovaogēdy valo annī urnes.

September 8, 2020

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I wrote, "Dovaogēdy valo anni urnes." The correct answer is, "Dovaogēdy valo annī urnes."

Doesn't "annī" imply that there are horses, rather than one horse?


Daor. In the accusative form, annī is used for both the singular and plural. This is a common feature of the fourth declension nouns, the ones that end in -e, -es, and -en (no -er nouns are known). In their singular and plural accusative forms they end in . Thus zaldrīzes "dragon" will be zaldrīzī in s./pl., and Targārien "Targaryen" becomes Targārī.

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