"Se sapessi da quanto lo chiediamo."

Translation:If only you knew how long we have been asking.

May 21, 2013

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Where does the 'only' in this sentence come in? "If only you knew how long we have been asking" I'm just angry because it was the last phrase of the lesson and I used my last heart because I didn't get "if only"


You have my sympathy :) However, "if you knew" sounds hypothetical, while "if only you knew" has the same wishful meaning of the Italian sentence; I don't think the literal translation should be rejected, but the solution is a good translation.


I think this was the hardest sentence yet to predict the English. I knew exactly what it meant but i knew the answer would be nothing like a literal translation. Well I say exactly - I went for "...how long we've been asking him" and it was wrong. And I'm not sure enough to mark it as a mistake. Usually when you ignore a "lo" it's wrong. So it accepted "... asking it"

"If you knew" is now accepted.

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