"Our cat eats fish."

Translation:Nosso gato come peixe.

May 21, 2013

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Sometimes an indefinite article is placed in front of the posessive adjective, and other times it is not. I am wondering when this takes place. Why isn't it "O nosso gato come peixe"?


why "nossa gata come peixe" is uncorrect?

if we are feminine and the cat is also female?


Try reporting.


i reported also.


Your example should be correct, I believe, so it's good you reported it. One quick note, though: it only matters that the cat is feminine; whether we are or not, the gender of the possessive adjective (nosso/nossa) is determined by the thing possessed.

So you can say nosso gato or nossa gata

But you cannot say "nossa gato" or "nosso gata", because the gender of "us" doesn't matter here, only the gender of the cat.


thanks you for information. i knew this already but maybe it will be useful for other


Can`t it be Nosso gata comem peixe?


No. nossa is used just for feminine/singular words. (Gata -fem / gato - masc. Nossa gata, nossas gatas, nosso gato, nossos gatos). come is 3rd sing person while comem is 3rd plural person (nosso gato come peixe / nossoS gatoS comeM peixe).


I am confused with the verb conjunctions
comemos vs come
for Nós vs Nosso.

Table leaves out verbs: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/pt/Possessives


Nós = we (personal pronoun)

Nosso = our (possesive adjective)

Please, refer to this link for the verb conjugation: http://www.conjuga-me.net/verbo-comer.


Thanks Paulenrique,

the conjugation table only lists Nós, not Nosso :-)

Is there any trick to make a longer re-phrase of the sentence "Nosso gato come" to know that the correct verb is "come"?

Or is it because gato = cat = it?

Er/Sie/es = He/she/it = Ele/Ela/ https://www.duolingo.com/skill/pt/Basics-2


Yes. That's the point. Verb conjugation lists one show the main pronouns.

So, when you have:

  • Maria = ela (she)
  • Pedro e João = eles (they)
  • Maria e Ana = elas (they)
  • Pedro e Maria = eles (they)
  • Pedro e eu = nós (we)
  • Nosso gato = ele (it)


what is wrong with 'gato da gente come peixe' ?


Never mind. 'o gato da gente come peixe' was marked correct.


wait is it wrong if i say "gata" instead of "gato"?

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