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I finished my Dutch tree!


After 19 days, 64 skills, 4200 XP, 1935 words and 12 levels, I have finished my Dutch tree! I'd like to share some my thoughts (and thanks) here. This was actually the first tree that I did that teaches a language that was completely new to me, so this was a unique experience.

What did I like?

I liked pretty much everything about the Dutch tree. I liked how funny the sentences were, the layout of the tree, the difficulty and the words that I learned. I especially liked the specially created, unique skills like NL 1 & 2 at the end of the tree.

What didn't I like?

This is a happy post and I don't want to whine. Plus, there wasn't really anything I didn't like in the tree. The only thing that bugged me a bit was that some alternative translations weren't accepted, but I know 99% of these are because of a bug were translations that have been added in the incubator aren't accepted on the main site (and because of my Irish English way of phrasing things) The other 1% is just because it's in beta. No one is at fault, and it certainly isn't a big deal...but now I feel like I was whining, which wasn't my intention....sorry Team Dutch :)

My favourites

Favourite skills: "Map" and "NL 2" (also, the Art and Events skills were really cool)

Favourite sentences: "Je rijdt jouw motorfiets als een baas" ("You ride your motorcycle like a boss"), "Je speelde als een poffertje zonder suiker" ("You played like a poffertje without sugar") and "Tegen Nederland verliezen is een traditie in Ierland." ("Losing against the Netherlands is a tradition in Ireland.")

Favourite words: klompen (clogs), stroopwafels (roughly: caramel waffles) and anything in the Science! skill.


The Dutch course was amazing. In my head, I am comparing it to the German tree (the other tree I completed). I think the Dutch tree is better in many ways, like how every skill that needs tips & notes actually has them. I think it is amazing how good this course is considering it has only been in beta for a few weeks and still has a long road ahead of it.

The Dutch course taught me a lot. It taught me around 2000 words and it taught me the main points of conversation that I should use when speaking Dutch (those are, if anyone is interested, clogs, tulips, Ajax, the colour orange and my lawyer). It also taught me that Irish English is weird, though I am surprised it took me until now to realise just how weird it is (compared to the English used in this course)


Now it's time to thank Team Dutch! You guys have done an amazing job. Lavinae, KaiEngle, Kirlll, Rhynn and MrsKwakker, you have made an awesome course that you can truly be proud of. I hope that you [take/have taken] some time to relax and enjoy the beauty that is the beta phase. Please, have a large serving of stroopwaffels and a cup of comfort on me :)

What's next?

Next I hope to finish my French tree (and I will do the Irish tree), but of course I am looking forward to when Immersion becomes available for the Dutch course so I can put my newly learned skills to good use (and so I can reach level 25 sooner)!


AlexinIreland (Alex)

August 19, 2014



"Losing against the Netherlands is a tradition in Ireland." So cheeky! :O


Haha :P It really is...I couldn't help but feel it was directly aimed at me, but I love it either way. The Dutch Team are great, so it's hard not to love these kind of sentences.


That's exactly what I was thinking! :)


Gefeliciteerd Alex! You inspire me to go work on my Dutch tree (later, though, because I'm supposed to be working on Latin right now, Dutch is much more interesting!). Now I really want Stroopwafels (does anybody know of a good recipe?).


Dank je wel, Jack! In my opinion, Dutch is much more interesting than Latin, but good luck with it all the same ;) :P ! I would love that recipe too, if anyone has it...


http://tinyurl.com/2r2ugr looks like an authentic recipe. Even has the history of stroopwaffels. I'm pretty sure that after I make a batch of stroopwaffels and eat a few before I start a learning session, my mind will instantly turn into a lean, mean Dutch learning machine. I'll keep all you Dutch learners out there posted on the results of my non-scientific experiment. Can't hurt to try it, right? Hopefully, it doesn't take a half dozen stroopwaffels or I'll be one chubby Dutch speaker before I complete the course:)


Proficiat Alex! Jij eindigde jouw boom als een baas ;)

BTW, do you want to have an oliebol?


My family says these are heavenly.


Congratulations! Glad to hear how great the course is, I am enjoying it too! Good luck on French and Irish! (Not that you'll need it too much with Irish! ;) ) :D


Thank you :) Good luck with Spa...Fr...ehm...all your languages! (wow you are doing a lot!)


Haha, thanks! I did a few lessons of each language to try them out, but now I am focusing on Spanish.


Gefeliciteerd Alex! Mooi om te zien dat je ervan kon genieten :)

Now, I look forward to experiencing your course, because I for one am really excited about the live voice recordings and what kinds of things you guys included content-wise.


I'm going to be super lazy and just '+1' this.... ^^


Fine fine, I won't just '+1' after all....

You're welcome Alex!
Thanks for being such an avid tester of our course, cara!

We don't like that bug causing alternatives not to be accepted either. It's horrible. It should be exterminated as soon as possible. If only owls ate bugs like these...

Anyways....I like stroopwafels!
I don't like coffee though, but I'm sure you'll serve me some tea instead. :)

Oh and last but not least...


Of course I'll serve you tea :) Milk or sugar?

That bug sure is annoying. We've noticed it in testing our course too, so the sooner it's gone, the better.

That Duo will be very useful in the future :)


Dank je wel, Kai :) After doing your course, I really feel like there is a lot to live up to ;) But we are up for the challenge.


I'll say it once, I'll say it again: Gefeliciteerd, Alex! :D


I'm still on level 6 :P But good job! And if you haven't had stroopwafels yet, do it right now. The more you eat them, the better they taste. Amsterdam is wonderful (in the right places) so if you are fortunate enough to travel, I'd suggest at least looking there. Also, a friend of mine recently visited Bonaire (jealous) and she had a great time (other than the goat incident... long story) so those might be some places to put your Dutch to good use. :)


now I'm really curious about the goat incident!


What is that "Goat Incident"?


Great news. I can't wait to finish Dutch myself. I am loving it and I hope posts like this draw others to the language! Congrats Alex. I would say that in Dutch, but ... I'm not that far yet.


Dank je wel! Good luck in the rest of the course! (Btw, congratulations in Dutch is gefeliciteerd)


yeah, in all comic irony, Genius JAck wrote his comment around the same time as mine, so I was like "oh this is perfect." thanks for the danks, Alex, and bonne chance en francias ... tu l'aimeras!


Well done, you really galloped through that course. And it sounds as if it kept on being fun right up to the end. I hope to go back to it once i have finished my German tree, it messed up my learning when they were too similar, I kept using Dutch spellings. Ik bin een schleckt konijn... I'm really looking forward to the Irish course too, especially as I am half Irish.


Congrats! I better work on my Dutch tree sometime soon, it's barely even touched! And I forget what skill I'm on, but I think I just passed the first checkpoint... ah, I'll find out when I get back to it.

But anyway, gefeliciteerd on the tree! :)


Comhghairdeachas leat !


Nice job finishing it in 19 days! That's really quick!


Beste Alex, van harte gefeliciteerd! Nu je Nederlands min of meer begrijpt kan je leven natuurlijk niet meer kapot! (Laten we daar nu maar vanuit gaan). Je hebt nu toegang tot... nouja... de taal van ons rare landje... en je kunt ooit eens bitterballen met stroopwafels bestellen hier (al zou ik beiden tegelijk niet aanraden...). Have some "zoute drop" on me, to celebrate your achievement.

zoute drop


Oh en ik kijk er echt ontzettend naar uit om aan jouw cursus Iers te beginnen!


Hi ha hartelijk gefeliciteerd!

Jarig zijn = to have completed your Duo tree. ;)


Great! I started learning very recently and after reading this post, I'm really looking forward to it! You gave me a small motivation :)


"Ajax"?? Like the soap, or is there a web development vocabulary section? :)


No the most successful club in Dutch football. And I'm a PSV Eindhoven fan (they're rivals).


Your post is very motivating! Thanks a lot for sharing with us your experience. I am planning to take the Dutch course myself this year, but have been procrastinating and persuading myself I should focus on improving my Italian first. After reading your post I feel like starting the Dutch course right now :)


Congrats and good luck! Love your post! A lingot for you :)


I finished the dutch tree too to refresh it and out of curiosity. It is great! My all time favourite sentence is "I am reducing the distance between my mouth and the cheese" :) The only remarks are that unlike some other trees, you can't get extra skills (such as idiomatic expressions) for your lingots. This would be especially good in Dutch, given so many idioms used in daily speech.


Throw back to when the dutch tree was 12 levels

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