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"Mijn huis bevindt zich in een kerk."

Translation:My house is located inside of a church.

August 19, 2014



Is house and home different words in Dutch? Could the sentence mean something like "Church is my home"?


when youre talking about your house as a physical object it's HUIS. When you talke about your home as in where you live and your family is you say THUIS

"Church is my home" would be "de kerk is mijn thuis".


I'm pretty sure "huis" is sometimes used as "home" and "thuis" would not be appropriate in those cases. I remember reading something like "thuis" is only used when you're in it or certain contexts or something.


That's correct, sometimes it's used as "thuis": I'm going home = ik ga naar huis


My first thought was a building inside of a building. If it's an apartment it isn't too weird, only a bit awkward way to say it, because most people don't think apartment when they hear huis. If you own or rent the whole building, you could say Mijn huis is een kerk.

BTW especially the last 10-20 years it's quite normal for churches to be turned into restaurants, shops, houses (usually apartments if it's a big church), etc, because less and less people in the Netherlands are going to church. But it's not something exclusively of recent years. E.g. Paradiso (a club/music venue that is world famous in the Netherlands) is situated in a church (squatted in 1967, the club opened in 1968). It's often called 'poptempel' for good reason. :)


I think it's nice if done with proper care, no important structure or exterior is ruined. Those are often old and beautiful buildings.


Makes sense, thanks.


Can someone explain the need for "zich" here? Since the subject is "my house" and not "I/myself", whats the point of the reflexive?


Actually, now that im thinking more about it, does "zich" stand for "itself"?


It's a reflexive verb, hence you need a reflexive pronoun regardless of what the subject is.

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