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Duolingo microphone not translating well

I have been busy most of the summer and unable to do Duolingo. It seems I've missed some changes, mostly for better, but one for worse. The microphone doesn't seem to understand my talking.

I am taking English to Español, and whenever the lesson asks me to translate from Spanish to English, it takes what I say and changes it into words in Spanish and English. I'm speaking very clearly and slowly, but the words that appear don't even sound like the ones I spoke. Yet, when translating from English to Spanish, it works perfectly if I speak at a normal speed. :/ I was much happier with the previous Duolingo microphone, which worked almost perfectly for me. I love this feature of Duolingo, and would really like to be able to use it, but when I am revisiting lessons and timing myself, it uses all of my remaining time unless I click "skip".

Has anyone else encountered this problem? Is there someone who can please fix it?

Thanks! Hermione

August 19, 2014



This is an issue with the speech recognition. You might want to contact Luis(www.duolingo.com/Luis).

Hope this helps!

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