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Flashcard accuracy

I like the flashcard option, but it seems that many of the definitions that appear are different than the words that I have learned. Sometimes they are cognates, different parts of speech, the same word which has a different meaning out of context, etc. There should be a way to get the flashcards to match the information learned. Thanks!

(Also, it would be great if you could click on a word in the list and hear it pronounced.)

August 19, 2014



maybe they will add something like the 'report' feature in the lessons, so people can add the other 'correct' answers for the flip side.......

as for your other point- have you noticed that if you 'click' on the word in your vocab list, that it pops up on the right ......and if you click 'details' you get another pop up that has a few phrases or sentences and a button to click to hear it pronounced?


Oh! that's great! Thanks for letting me know that :)

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