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  5. "Tha sinn beò."

"Tha sinn beò."

Translation:We are alive.

September 10, 2020



I come to understand "beò" to mean "live", as in live television, live radio, live broadcast, live sports. "We are live" wasn't accepted here, however.


The English adjectives live, living, alive all have the same basic meaning – having life, not being dead (and by extension, in context of TV and radio broadcast – happening at the moment, broadcast without delay).

The typical English usage is that when directly attributing a noun, live or living is used: a living person, live TV, etc.

When used predicatively, alive is rather used: the person is alive.

So we are alive sounds much more natural than we are live (although, I guess that could be used in the meaning we are broadcasting live) – hence the translation we are alive rather than live here.

I wouldn’t deem we are live wrong (especially in the broadcasting sense) – but I’m not surprised this version was not anticipated by the contributors – you might try to report it as ‘My translation should be accepted’ next time when this exercise comes up, maybe they will accept it.

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