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"De architect was teleurgesteld omdat niemand zijn brug mooi vond."

Translation:The architect was disappointed because nobody liked his bridge.

August 19, 2014



Doesn't "mooi" mean beautiful? I feel like this is another one of the sentences that has lost some meaning through simplication. I would say "No one found his bridge beautiful"


I was wondering where mooi went too :/


"Mooi vinden" can be translated to "liking sth" :)


I know how that feels... Not that I've ever designed a bridge, but... You know.


I have - best job in the world! But I'm a ground engineering specialist, so generally most people don't notice the bits of various dams, bridges and tram stops I've designed because it's all undergound!


I have just started watching educational videos about bridges, dams and ground engineering. I feel like you guys are some sort of secret superheroes! Really started appreciate "usual" things more!


Life of an Architect...


"The architect was disappointed because no one thought is bridge was beautiful." I am surprised that this translation was not accepted.


It should be "thought his bridge was beautiful", but apart from that typo I agree that should be acceptable.


...aaand nine months later, I did exactly the same thing, and reported it again. Yes, that was just a typo here, is/his.


'The architect was disappointed that no one liked his bridge' was not accepted, but surely it means exactly the same thing?


I think they've fixed this, it came up as an alternative


It was not accepted when I wrote it just now, unfortunately, so I've reported it.


Yes, it is a perfectly acceptable alternative. I will report it.


I know life is like that. But as long as we never forget, we can learn to live with it. Though unfortunately as hard as it sounds, it's at least something.


the architect was disappointed because nobody considered his bridge beautiful?


It seems like not all the words are available in the word bank following the recent reformat.


This is getting irritating. Duo's list of correct answers is here, once again, too restricted. "the architect was disappointed that nobody thought his bridge was beautiful" is correct, but not allowed.


Further: No other chapter in 168 days has been as irritating through its restricted English language word choices. I am, BTW, a polyglot and retired Latin prof. I read English, Latin, Greek, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and am messing around with Dutch for fun. This chapter is closer to infuriating than fun.


Footnote. I am abandoning this chapter. Again and again, it is like trying to pick a lock.


Arme van Gogh :(


Why do you always jugde a sentence wrong when there was only a little typo???

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