Autant vs tant

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Pourquoi boit-il autant de bière ? Is this correct? I thought autant was used in comparisons, while tant was used as an intensifier. "As much as..." vs "so much...". Does Pourquoi boit-il tant de bière? say the same thing?

August 23, 2012


The difference is thin, but it is there. "Autant" can only rightly be used when you compare two quantity together. Sure, in spoken language, people will sometimes use both "autant" and "tant", but it's not because people say it that it is right.

August 24, 2012

I do not disagree on principle but in the case of this sentence in particular, you can say one or the other. Now for the subtlety: this is simply because there is no comparison here. Only an evaluation of a quantity.

August 24, 2012

you are right. Pourquio boit-il tant de bière? is the right answer

August 24, 2012

Sorry but both are valid. the difference between "autant" and "tant", here, is as thin as "so much" vs "as much".

August 24, 2012
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