"An eaglais mhòr."

Translation:The big church.

September 10, 2020

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Just like Welsh ' Mae'r eglwys mawr'.


That’d be tha an eaglais mòr (with tha being the equivalent of Welsh verb mae) for the church is big. Here, there is no verb in Gaelic, this is just the phrase an eaglais mhòr the big church. And because eaglais is feminine and the adjective directly attributes it – it is lenited to mhòr.

But yes – generally the structure of both languages is often similar. :)


Presumably eaglais is imported into both Gaelic and Welsh from Latin languages (ecclesia, église, iglesia)


Oh yes, I got that wrong. Not 'Mae'. 'Eaglais', and 'Eglwys' are almost the same. The connections are interesting.


Why was this not an t-eaglais? According to the tips for this session a vowel should take an-t not just an (category 3 in the tables).


The tips you refer to speak about masculine nouns, but eaglais is feminine. The feminine article is explained in the Animals skill, and it never adds t- before a vowels (but it does before s when leniting it).

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Okay, this unit is called 'animals'. So why is the word 'church' being introduced here? This seems to happen a lot with the Gaelic course, it's like the designers just threw words in under any old topic. It's really confusing.

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