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Unexpected benefit to Irish being delayed

I've been following the progress of Irish closely and am well excited for its launch! But over this period, I've come to realise an unexpected benefit of its delay.

I started using Duolingo a while ago to learn German and practice Spanish, but I fell off the wagon pretty quickly. Then I heard Irish was coming and I jumped back up quick smart! I'd log in every week or so to check for updates and then do a little German or Spanish, since I was logged in anyway. As Irish reached 100%, I started logging in pretty much every day, hoping to see it jump over into Beta and being a little disappointed to see it was still in the Incubator. But never mind, it was still on its way, so I took the time to do a little more German and maybe a dabble in Spanish or one of the other available languages. Weeks down the line, I'm still eagerly awaiting Irish but my German is now going well enough that I'm reading "Harry Potter und die Heiligtümer des Todes" and am pleased as punch!

So, thank you Irish Team, for bringing me back to Duolingo and keeping me here in anticipation!

August 19, 2014



I'm glad there is one good part to waiting for Irish! :) Great that you are back on Duolingo!


Your glass of Apfelschorle sure is at least half full :-) Good luck with your languages!


haha! indeed! :-) Cheers!


I am pretty much in the same boat! I was learning Spanish to bond with my ESL students more, and then I fell off the bandwagon once spring hit. Trying to get back in it six months later to tide me over until Irish makes me a happy woman ;)


The exact same thing happened to me too!

I started last summer, August 2013, and kept it up for a few months, but then got to busy and forgot about it.

\Then when they announced Irish back in March I got back into it, and did it regularly for another month or two, until I again got too busy.

\I've been on pretty much constantly for the previous two months waiting for Irish to finally come out! It's gotten to the point that I'm so impatient I just can't concentrate on anything else! So I mightn't be getting any real world work done, but my Spanish and French are really coming along!


you have managed to read harry potter in german with NO prior german knowledge? just from using duolingo?


Yes, but I don't understand everything and I do complement Duolingo with other sources now and then (e.g. textbook from the library, grammar website, help from German speaker etc).

When I first started the book, I barely understood anything at all and just forced myself to read each word (sometimes out loud, sometimes in my head). Now I can follow pretty much every sentence, though not every word. It's just one of my preferred language learning methods - jump into the deep end! :-P

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