"See you later, grandfather."

Translation:Chì mi a-rithist sibh, a sheanair.

September 10, 2020

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I thought sibh was for a group of people? When this was introduced, it was with 'friends' at the end of it. Why is this not Chì mi a-rithist thu?


It's plural and/or polite. Use sibh to show your grandparents respect.


I don't know if it is discussed before! but why "sheanair" does not have the "sh" sound?


But it does! At least the Gaelic “sh” sound as “sh” in Gaelic denotes the sound /h/, which definitely is in sheanair – Gaelic orthography is very different to English orthography (and might be a bit unintuitive, but it is much more regular than English).

The unlenited word seanair begins with /ʃ/ (the English “sh” sound) because slender s (ie. s when it stands next to slender vowel signs: e and i) is /ʃ/.

Seanair /ʃɛnər´/ changes to sheanair /hɛnər´/ here because the vocative particle a causes lenition, so when addressing your grandfather directly you say a sheanair. This is explained in the tips and notes to the skills Phrases and Names.

The tips and notes are accessible in the web browser version of Duolingo at https://duolingo.com and also on the https://duome.eu/tips/en/gd website. They might be not available in the Duolingo mobile app, so if you are on a mobile device, you might to open your web browser for the reading.


Are 'Chì mi sibh a-rithist.... ' and 'Chì mi a-rithist sibh.... ' both correct?

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