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"Life is hard, but I am harder."

Translation:Het leven is hard, maar ik ben harder.

August 20, 2014



I understand the wordplay in English, but I translated it as "Het leven is moeilijk, maar ik ben harder." because I didn't know that "het leven" could be "hard" (which heretofore has meant something like "durable"). Can anyone explain?


A better translation might be "life is tough, but I am tougher". You might also come across "de harde werkelijkheid" which means something like "the bitter reality". There is also the expression "hard tegen iemand zijn" which means "to be strict against [with] someone".

I think "het leven is hard, maar ik ben harder" is a pretty common wordplay though maybe more so among younger people.


When I talk about life do I always have to use 'het'? Can't I leave it out?


I am Dutch. You can, I did the same thing.


"Het leven is zwaar" is a more natural translation but then it would make me a fatty, which I don't want to be. In unrelated news, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLNvBvJ-F00

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