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  5. "We stop at the port."

"We stop at the port."

Translation:Wij stoppen bij de haven.

August 20, 2014



Why does op not work here?


That would mean something like "we stop on top of the port/harbour."


and what about "in"?


Mmmm... I'm not sure (since I'm just a learner) but I think that would imply that you stopped inside, within the harbour.

Prepositions are (in my opinion) the hardest part of any language, since their use is a feature that is characteristic/peculiar of each language. Therefore we will always have problems with them, since as far as I know in most cases there's no underlying logic, and no matter how fluent we become, we'll still ocasionally get confused. I even screw up in my own language when it comes to prepositions!

The only thing I could add is that I think something we could do is learn what are the typical phrases/words with which the most common prepositions combine.


Waarom is "poort" fout? Haven is niet de enige translatie.

[deactivated user]

    How many words means "at" in Dutch out there except for "bij".??


    'In', 'op', 'aan', 'bij', and 'naar' depending on the context.


    So "op" can't be used for "at" here??? Why??


    Because in this context it'd be interpreted as on/ on top of.


    Why can't halte work here. Wij halte bij de haven.


    I suppose it is because "stoppen" is the vocabulary word of this chapter.

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