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Lost my Ghaidhlig streak in The Gàidhealtachd

So, I went to Skye for a week. Hoped to practise a little Gaelic (even though I knew that there are few Gaelic speakers there). Did manage a phrase or two in reply to some Gaelic greetings offered to me. However ... internet reception so poor that I LOST MY STREAK!!! Boo hoo!!!

September 11, 2020



Managed à lesson on The summit ridge of Ben Creachan at Bridge of Orchy last week ,much to The amusement of my son in law,I was not going to give up my rùn without a fight


Your streak still shows to me... even the fresh 133 day one as of today.

Hope you had fun practising your Gaelic and enjoyed the scenery & people.


oooh! I didn't lose it after all, then! Sgoinneil!


the streak loss is a bummer of course, but how cool that you got to visit! i'm envious! i hope you had a lovely time.


There is no streak loss... probably because a streak freeze saved the day. OP might want to buy a new one, since there isn't one equipped now. :)


will do - thanks for advice!

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