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"Het kind stelt de boer een vraag over zijn koeien."

Translation:The child asks the farmer a question about his cows.

August 20, 2014



Why don't we use the word "vraagt" instead of "stelt"? What's the difference?


Hm, I was looking for some real evidence but I can't find anything right now.
One doesn't 'vraag' a 'vraag'.

A 'vraag' is a 'question'.
With the verb 'vragen', you are asking a question.
You either ask a question or you have a question.

You don't use 'vragen' for asking a question and then refer to the question as an object of your asking a question. This is an unnecessary duplication.

You either have a question, 'een vraag', or you ask something (= "je vraagt iets").


Is there a difference between "cattle" and "cows" in Dutch? I've put in cattle for koeien sometimes in the past and it was marked wrong.


cattle = rundvee, also using cattle/rundvee instead of cows/koeien means the question is about all the cows of the farmer, whereas using cows/koeien does not have to mean that.


Are the pronunciation of Koeien and Queen the same? In the first place it came up to me as some old tales "long long ago a child ask the farmer a question about the queen"...

sorry, it's digression.


No. Queen sounds like kuine, and koeien sounds like kuien.


Ah, but whose koeien are they? The possessive pronoun is unclear in both English and Dutch, isn't it? Maybe the kid has cows too--we don't know!

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I wrote "The child asks the farmer one question about his cows"and my answer is wrong. a question or one question is it different?


I said that the child asks the farmer a question about their cows. Is Duolingo not gonna do singular they, or?


I wrote "The child is asking the farmer a question about his cows" but it was not accepted. Is the continuous incorrect here, or have I made some other mistake?

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