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  5. "I do not like the bread."

"I do not like the bread."

Translation:Cha toil leam an t-aran.

September 12, 2020



cha toil or cha toigh . What is the difference?


As explained in the notes to the Food skill – both are correct:

Toil vs. Toigh

It is common to see toigh in place of toil:

  • Is toigh leam... = Is toil leam...

We have opted to teach toil as it is more common. These are two very similar but distinct words, and neither is correct over the other.

The original phrase was is toigh leam X I like X, lit. X is pleasant with me; I find X to be pleasant (and negative cha toigh leam I do not like) – but it sounds similar to is toil leam X, lit. X is delight with me, I consider X my delight – so today the more common phrasing is is toil leam… – but both are used and valid.

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