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Same language, different XP totals?

In the past, XP earned for a language was independent of the language you learned it from. For example, points earned for German learned from English or Spanish would all go into the same total score. I liked this, as I like to learn all possible languages (currently 7 ) from all possible interfaces (currently potentially 18 for me), and I would see my progress in the 7 languages directly and not have to add up all the individual counts. Now every language pair seems to be treated independently (which I also strongly suspect has led me to have 2 all time XP totals, one from the English interface, and one from the rest!). Is this a general feature, or am I in some sort of test group? How do others feel about this ?

August 20, 2014



Today I noticed something else strange: three different language levels (from within the same interface!) depending on where I look: a) the banners on this post; b) in my profile / upon hovering over my flag; c) on the original post in this thread.


Hi duonks, is this still happening?


The profile levels and the flags levels are different, yes. I think the flag levels are the maximum levels over all courses and the profile levels are the x levels in each x->language course


al menos aprendes algo good luck


This is an "old" topic but I'm glad I found it because I wasn't using Duo 4 months ago when this started happening and I just noticed it with my levels and was wondering what happened.
Yes, it is still there! A couple of months ago Levels and XP between different interface languages stopped synchronising and now I am French Lvl 18 when I switch to German and French Lvl 16 when I switch to English.

Is this really supposed to happen? Will this be fixed someday? Has anyone ever heard anything about this from the team?

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