Problems on XPs

Hi! I'd like to report a problem. Now my XPs are: This week: 308 XP, This month: 5366 XP,

All time: 1940 XP. I believe that there is an obvious problem. Does anyone have it, too?

August 20, 2014


I have the same problem. Here are my xp totals: This week: 0 This month : 253 All time: 23

That is an obvious problem, I wouldn't have noticed it if you didn't point it out.

Hi, DaUniverseIsMine. Now I know that it is not only me who have the problem, and glad that you are also practicing French :)

I'm actually learning dutch and german, though I hope to learn french in the future. It's an easy mistake, the Dutch and French flags are similar.

Opps! I didn't notice that.... ok have a pleasant journey on Duolingo :)

I've had it too, I think it happens when you learn from different languages. I now have two all time XPs when there should clearly only be one.

Duonks, i got it :) thank you! by the Polyglot,,,,,,......gosh...

It's not a glitch, it's just that the week has reset, but not the month.

If the all time is smaller than the monthly count, clearly there is a problem :-)

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