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  5. "Tha fìon anns an Fhraing."

"Tha fìon anns an Fhraing."

Translation:There is wine in France.

September 12, 2020



Would "The wine is in France" be different?


Actually, I guess it would just be "Wine is in France"


Wine is in France is an unnaturally sounding sentence in English – as English doesn’t like indefinite subjects of such existential sentence, hence there is water in the pool (and not water is in the pool), or the story starts with in a poll in the ground there lived a hobbit and not … a hobbit lived.

There is no such restriction in Gaelic, so it doesn’t matter whether you use definite or indefinite subject, both sentences have the same structure: tha fìon anns an Fhraing (there is wine in France, in awkwardy English wine is in France), and tha am fìon anns an Fhraing the wine is in France.


It would be tha am fìon anns an Fhraing – you need the definite article in Gaelic to make the wine definite. ;-)

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