"Kesy sȳro blēno naejon issa."

Translation:This one is the good mountain's front side.

September 13, 2020

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As far as I can tell, this should be using sȳrȳr instead. Unlike other sentences in the Genitive lesson where sȳro appears, the noun is Terrestrial, rather than Solar or Lunar. As a class II adjective, we expect sȳz to have a different ending when modifying Terrestrial and Aquatic nouns. So looking up the expected endings, we see that it would be -ȳro postpositively (see https://dothraki.com/2013/07/valyrian-adjectives/). Fortunately, we're also advised on how to find the prepositive form:

Where a disyllabic inflectional form is simply VCV, only the final vowel is lost, not the final syllable. For example:
ānogro ēlȳro “of the first blood”
ēlȳr ānogro “of the first blood”
You’ll see this most often in singular instrumentals and comitatives, in addition to terrestrial/aquatic genitives of Classes II and III.

Which seems to strongly suggest that the prepositive ending should be -ȳr, giving us Kesy sȳrȳr blēno naejon issa.


Yes. This is wrong. It's crazy to me how long I allowed this error to persist!!! I apologize. I'll fix it.

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