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Scottish Gaelic from English

LEARNING SCOTTISH GAELIC I began the course last week and am now in the silver league - thought it might be fun to be in touch with other Scottish Gaelic learners

BACKGROUND IN THE LANGUAGE I did study the language for a year at the City Lit back in the 1990’s and sang with Còisir Lunnainn ( the London Gaelic Choir) for about 5 years. The language tutor at the City Lit sang with the choir and encouraged us to join

I attended 3 of the week long Gaelic singing summer schools on the Isle of Skye at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig to learn traditional songs

I have just come back to the language now after a break of well over 20 years

Since starting I have been singing snatches of songs which are coming back to me!

I wasn’t sure if this fitted the topics Gerri

September 14, 2020



Wow! You've sure immersed yourself in the language already!
Hoping to add Scots Gaelic to my courses once I get further along.
Did you find you had an affinity with the language before pursuing it? Or further language background knowledge?


That's a great story, Gerri! That is a lot of experience gained in a very fun way!

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