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"Meisjes en jongens zijn kinderen."

Translation:Girls and boys are children.

August 20, 2014



I thought it was just my computer. XD Odd...but the relief is that we can still understand what she's saying.


is there a rule to know if the plural is with -s or -eren?


The regular sign of the plural is -en. krant kranten newspapers (no change) boer boeren farmers (no change) woord woorden words (no change)

Another common sign of the plural is -s, used with a considerable number of words. There are three main groups: Most words ending in unstressed -el, -em, -en, -er, -aar, -erd, -e: tafel tafels tables bezem bezems brooms


Ben/bent is for singular, correct? Ik ben / hij/zij bent. On the other hand, zijn is for plural? Ze zijn / wij zijn / meijses/jongens/mannen/ vrouwen zijn?

[deactivated user]

    Is kinderen supposed to be pronounced "kindzen"?


    Meisje en jongens zijn kinderen


    Gee... I've lost count of the number of times I failed this for putting boys before girls!!!

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