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"Meisjes en jongens zijn kinderen."

Translation:Girls and boys are children.

August 20, 2014



I thought it was just my computer. XD Odd...but the relief is that we can still understand what she's saying.


Why does it sound like she has something stuck in her throat when she says "Jongens"??


That's the way the word is pronounced.


is there a rule to know if the plural is with -s or -eren?


The regular sign of the plural is -en. krant kranten newspapers (no change) boer boeren farmers (no change) woord woorden words (no change)

Another common sign of the plural is -s, used with a considerable number of words. There are three main groups: Most words ending in unstressed -el, -em, -en, -er, -aar, -erd, -e: tafel tafels tables bezem bezems brooms


Ben/bent is for singular, correct? Ik ben / hij/zij bent. On the other hand, zijn is for plural? Ze zijn / wij zijn / meijses/jongens/mannen/ vrouwen zijn?

[deactivated user]

    Is kinderen supposed to be pronounced "kindzen"?

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