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Translation Area Bugs II Revenge of the DuoBugs

Okay...now, sometimes whenever I click anywhere in an open translation panel box, it closes and reopens, and wipes out everything I typed.

August 24, 2012



Problem with the last two sentences on this translation page http://duolingo.com/#/translation/f80fc7eecb551d8aa019ddf886af8a8c -- instead of displaying below the Spanish sentence, the translation panel covers the sentence and does not accept typing.

Apparently it worked okay previously since three people have translated one of the sentences.


It just happened to me - I lost a sentence I was working on. Twice. grrr...


I go ctrl-A, Ctrl-C periodically, as a workaround. I also copy the translation if the bug's early symptoms show (like if the submit button is unresponsive)


Yes, I added the Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C to my workflow as well (in addition to the edit-sentence bug)...


Yes, I had this same problem last night, although only once (so far). Very irritating.

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