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"The shirts are not yellow."

Translation:Las camisas no son amarillas.

5 years ago



I'm confused about when to make the color match the noun. In one situation, the gender of the shirt didn't matter and in another the plurality and gender did.

3 years ago


I am new at this, I am very bad, so.... don't laugh Could 'Las camisas eres no amarillas' work? Wrote exactly that except that I got the article gender wrong, ie los instead of las. Please...

2 years ago


Like in English, Spanish has different forms of the verb "ser" (to be). Only one type works with a specific pronoun. Here are some examples: tu (you)-eres (are), yo (I)-soy (am), Ustedes (plural you)-son (are), nosotros (we)-somos (are). Hope this helps

2 years ago


Why do you use "son"?

1 year ago

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This is the plural form of ser (to be).

3 months ago


I wrote camisas on this one, it marked me wrong, then said camisas was one of the correct answers!

1 year ago


You might have misspelled it and not realized it?

1 year ago