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Funny sayings/ phrases in Dutch?

Haha it's a forum game... No inappropriate ones plz! :) Be mindful that there are many kinderen out there... learning with all their might... ANYWAY here's mine:

Pardon!! >:( Ik ben een aardappel! (Excuse me!! >:( I am a potato!)

August 20, 2014



Hi! :)

Are you referring to proverbs?
I don't know if you are but... sharing some Dutch sayings/idioms might be fun. :)

There is a Dutch expression that goes like:
"Nu komt de aap uit de mouw."

Literally this means: "Now the monkey comes out of the sleeve."

Dutch people have used this expression in international conversations, simply translating it literally, and it always raises confusion. What this expression actually means is that it suddenly becomes clear what is going on, or what has been going on, or that someone's real character or intentions suddenly become clear.


Yep xD I just mean any funny sentences, sayings- you know the deal


I haven 't got this one on my tree yet, I just saw it on a discussion but is probably my favorite Dutch sentence: Hoeveel hoofden hebben jullie? (How many heads do you have?) :D

Edit: By the way, here's the link to the discussion: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4130304


If you're interested in Dutch proverbs you may like this: http://www.learndutch.org/dutch-proverbs-and-sayings/

I'm always on watch for opportunities to use them on the Dutch natives around here :)


Alsof er een engeltje over je tong piest

(as if an angel pisses on your tongue) One way to say the food tastes great.


Dat is een eitje literally this means: that is an egg/that is a little egg. And what it actually means: that is very easy.


Every Dutch learner needs to know this sentence:

'Nu breekt mijn klomp'. Literally: 'now my clog breaks'.

It's a saying you can use when something suddenly happens that you didn't expect and with which you express amazement/surprise/astonishment.


One day.. I'm gonna walk in the Netherlands and just say these random sayings to civilians.

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