"Let the slave pick up the masks."

Translation:Laodiapossa buzdaris gūrogon.

September 15, 2020

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I suppose this is an example of causative sentence, but where is the main verb for 'let' ?

Does infinitive verb without main verb imply 'You let'?
Is 'buzdaris' dative?


Buzdaris is the vocative form. There is a type of command given by placing the vocative form of the noun being referred to before the infinitive. For the negative version, add daor to the end. This sentence type is discussed in the tips:

Finally, commands can be issued to non-second person referents. Such commands are often translated with "let" in English, even if they're not explicitly requests. For example, when your boss says "Let me see what you've been working on", they're not really asking permission. In High Valyrian, while there is a distinction between requesting permission and non-second person commands, the English translations may be unhelpful in distinguishing between the two.


Thank you. I forgot about that non-second person command with infinitive+vocative.

Ūjus/zirys jagon.
Ūjus/zirys sagon.

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