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Latins and Latinas

I’m not trying to be racist or offensive or anything, but why are Latinas called Latinas if they don’t speak Latin. Or is it because Spanish is a Romance language. Meaning it descended from Latin

September 16, 2020



Your comment isn't racist at all. We (I am from Argentina for example) are called latinos because at first we were the "latin americans", id est the americans that speak a romance language. Then it was shorter, and stood latinos Regards.


It’s because the Romance languages spoken in Latin countries originated from Latin.


The term Latin America was coined to describe the parts of the Americas that spoke "Latin languages".

Most "Latinos" don't see themselves as such in their own country. Latinos in the US tend to grow the identity when they (we) see a common culture with other Spanish speakers (and even our Portuguese brethren :)).

The term is most relevant in the US, which is growing its Latino population.


I think, Spanish is more like Latin, than Italien


Even Portuguese, in the medieval days most words in Latin where used by Portuguese with the language from Galicia in order to add a gap between Portuguese and Spanish languages further inciting rebellion.


Latin is kinda confusing

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