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  5. "De katten eten vlees."

"De katten eten vlees."

Translation:The cats eat meat.

August 21, 2014



Excuse me, what's the plural for vlees?


There isn't. All cases use 'vlees'. Is there a plural for meat in other languages? I've never used the word 'meats' either. If you want to say you have different kinds of meat, you say 'verschillende soorten vlees'. Or 'two pieces of meat' are 'twee stukken vlees'.


Portuguese has plural for meat as well as many other languages. It is used when you need to reffer to different types of meat, or an assortment of "cold meats"


Is the "V" supposed to sound like a "Th"?


I'd say it should sound like the v in English veal.


It's a bit like the th in thought. It's closer to the f in fear, but a little bit softer.


As Susande said - it's definitely a 'v' sound, but aspirated a little so it's not a really hard v.


De katten leven goed


I have heard 2 different pronunciation for the word "vlees". 1 as seen and the other sounds like " vlesh/vleash". Which is ?correct


In the discussion for "De mensen eten dieren." it says the article works the same ways as in English so that this is not a general statement about cats "Cats eat meat" but a statement about a particular group of cats.

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