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"Ik had medelijden met de koe."

Translation:I had compassion for the cow.

August 21, 2014



Would "…compassion for the cow" be translated the same? I have done some searching, but I can't come up with any English-language instances wherein "compassion" is followed by "with" in such a way. Or, does it mean that the speaker and the cow are sharing the compassion (though that is still odd English usage)?


My general advice would to not get too caught up trying to find a direct connection between English prepositions and those in other languages. Quite often, it just doesn't directly translate. Basically, one has "compassion for" something in English, while it appears that one has "compassion with" something in Dutch. It's simply a matter of memorization, I'd say.


you are quite right. The more idiomatic English translation would be, 'I felt sorry for the cow'.


Hi Helmad, I wrote "I felt pity for the cow" and Duo accepted it. Bye. Lu


would sympathy work where compassion is


Hmm, it's not synonymous enough I feel.

Being sympathetic to a cause or a person does not mean that you feel sorry for it/him/her. :)

An easier translation would be: "I felt sorry for the cow". :)


"Being sympathetic to" something is being in general agreement with it, not feeling sorry for it, but "sympathising with" something is feeling sorry for it.

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In regular language, it should work, don't know if the course will accept it.


why is "I felt sorry for the cow" rejected?

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