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Translation subjects

Is it just me, or are most of the "articles" offered for translation just camouflaged advertising materials for luxury/pretentious brands? Or is this how Duolingo is earning its keep? I would feel better about this free service if I felt I was helping spread knowledge, rather than enhancing overpriced bling merchants' cash revenues. More actual "knowledge" entries, less crap would be welcome.

August 24, 2012



Please click above on 'translations' : there are plenty to choose from and no brand at all in most of them.


I translate the texts I find interesting, like one about celebrations, or cakes, or felines, chocolate, think I have only translated one text with a brand name.


Whilst sharing your concerns about the consumerism, they do present quite interesting translation challenges. French ad copywriters use far more petentious language than is acceptable in even the most over-hyped English publicity material. Translated word-for-word they sound pretty ludicrous, so maybe the average Duolinguist is having the opposite effect on these companies' balance sheets to what you might imagine, assuming anyone believes any of this rubbish to begin with.

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