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  5. "You read the book."

"You read the book."

Translation:Jij leest het boek.

August 21, 2014



Why can't 'de' be used instead of 'het'?


So, "Jullie lezen het book" would be saying you all read the book?


Correct. On Duolingo you can translate you to both jij (singular) and jullie (plural).


Ahh very good, dank je wel!


And you can also translate it to u (formal singular).


What is the difference between lezen and leest?


Its a different form of the verb. Leest is used for he /she reads, and lezen is used for plural, we read


whats the difference between "de" and "het" and which one should i use when?


De and het are both the. De is used for masculine and feminine words and plurals, het is used for neuter and diminutives. How do you recognise the gender of a word? There are some guidelines though rule of thumb is that you will have to learn if a word uses de or het.

Exceptions: as mentioned plurals always use de, and diminutives always use het. Plural diminutives are still plural and hence use de.

Apart from this het can also mean it. So e.g. it is a house would be het is een huis and not de is een huis

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