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  5. "Você gosta de esportes?"

"Você gosta de esportes?"

Translation:Do you like sports?

August 21, 2014



While the translation given ("Do you like sports?") is technically correct, it isn't what I'd ever say as a (southern England) English speaker; "sport" is used as a collective in this sort of context. I've heard "sports" in the plural more often in US usage, but I'm still not sure this would be the natural thing to say there.


As an native speaker of American English, I can assure you that "sports" is correct here.


American English, yes. Sports.

British and Australian english..... sport.

Both are correct


We in Australia would also say "sport" in this context.


What is the difference between esportes and desportes?


In fact the words are ESPORTES (Brazilian Portuguese) and DESPORTOS (European Portuguese).


Why do I have to use American English? It's like learning through a second language!


Unfortunately, Duolingo is American which means that it teaches Brazilian to Americans, not Portuguese to Europeans as some of us would want it to be.


Why is it "de esportes" here in this question, but "eu gosto DOS esportes"? Why is the los (dos = de los) required in the affirmative but not in a question? Thank you.


You don't use "os" with general statements.

— Você gosta de esportes?

— Sim, eu gosto de esportes.


Thank you. So, is "eu gosto dos esportes" wrong or just not very common as you suggested here https://www.duolingo.com/comment/505020/Eu-gosto-dos-esportes?

Perhaps it means that there are some specific sports that I like?

This seemed to have caused confusion for Portuguese-speaking people learning English as well: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/679116


Yes, in a context "dos esportes" may work or even in a longer sentence: "Eu gosto dos esportes de inverno realizados no Canadá".


It would be nice if the announcer asked a question, instead of making the statement You like sports. there is no inflection indicating a question.

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